Fiberglass Pools

Piscine Martin Banville offers inground fiberglass pools that are installed and ready for swimming in 1 day!

Whether your landscaping is currently a green oasis or a more contemporary setting, turn your backyard into a dream getaway location. Fibergass pools are quick and easy to maintain and ideal for small spaces. It will particularly please those who prefer sleek, modern styles.

  • Quick to install

  • Easy to maintain

  • 2 pool shell colors available

  • Multiple choice of shapes and sizes

  • Integrated steps

Shell Colours

3 basic colours are available (white or light grey)

One shape, several sizes of swimming pools

Rectangular swimming pools with full width steps with or without benches

8x16, 9x24, 11x19, 11x23, 11x25, 12x28, 13x27

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