Inground swimming pool renovation

We offer demolition services for your existing inground pool according to up-to-date standards, respecting municipal and environmental norms.

Do you want to give a second life to your old inground swimming pool? Does your landscaping need an update?

If the steps of your swimming pool are broken, or your sidewalk has cracked or caved in over the years, we can offer them a facelift.

Our team will replace the steps and repair the sidewalks using up-to-date and durable methods.

If you don’t have any steps and would like to add some, we can install prefabricated fiberglass steps.

If you need to replace the pool liner, it is possible to install made to measure galvanized steel steps that will then be covered by the new liner.

Renovating an existing pool often requires some major work that must be handled by professionals to ensure durability. With the team at Piscine Martin Banville, you will have the yard of your dreams and peace of mind.


Your sidewalk is made to measure, according to your specifications:

  • Choice of regular concrete, colored concrete and stamped concrete
  • 26 available concrete colors
  • Choice of 5 different patterns
  • Modern products to create reflections or to define the pattern

We can help you to complete your project. We’ve acquired solid expertise with over 3700 finished projects throughout the years. We have successfully renovated all of the different types of inground pools that were made in the past 30 years.

Call one of our advisors for a meeting at your home!

For an inground swimming pool renovation, here is a list of the work that we normally need to do:

  • Remove the existing sidewalk
  • Add steps or replace existing steps if they are broken
  • Replace cracked panels if necessary (plastic panels)
  • Leveling of pools that are crooked or have shifted
  • Adding a lighting system
  • Installing new plumbing
  • Installing a new skimmer and water returns
  • Installing new coping or bullnose coping
  • Installing new sidewalks.

Replacing the stairs in an inground swimming pool

Sidewalk repairs