Inground pool winterizing service

Leaf nets and winter covers also available.

We also offer, if needed, cleaning service for the salt cartridge.

To protect your pool from the cold, from freezing and from the snow, let the professionals take care of closing your pool for the winter.

Your pool and the equipment will run better and last longer if it is properly winterized. Our specialized equipment leaves the plumbing and conduits empty and dry, protecting them from freezing.

Our work is guaranteed!


Our inground pool winterizing service is available for any type of inground pool and includes:

  • Winterizing kit including the necessary products
  • Water level adjustment
  • Removal of detachable equipment (ladders, etc..)
  • Drainage of the pump, water heater, filter and all of the plumbing with specialized equipment
  • Antifreeze for the bottom drain

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