Inground Pool Liner replacement

We offer a wide variety of liners that include current trends.

Need to replace the liner of your inground swimming pool? We are the experts!

Our swimming pool liners will outlast all others.

All of the pool liners that we install are made of top quality 100% virgin vinyl. The seams of your liner are joined with a high-frequency welding technic for exceptional durability. After welding, the 2 pieces of vinyl become one, which reduces the risks of weakness at the joints.

Our work is guaranteed!


We offer a wide variety of liners that include current trends.

  • Established family-owned company
  • No subcontracting
  • Technicians trained according to the best industry practices
  • Rapid and friendly service

We are the experts in pool liner replacements! Over 3700 liners installed by our teams.

The complete installation of your swimming pool liner will be done within 2 days! You’ll be able to start swimming by the second day.

These are the steps to the replacement of your inground swimming pool liner.


1- Appraisal by one of our professionals
2- Precise measurements are taken for the new liner
3 – Preparation of the made-to-measure liner by the manufacturer

On installation day:

4- Emptying of the pool
5- Cleaning of the surfaces, with water and/or a vacuum cleaner to remove all minuscule debris from the walls and the floor
6- Application of tape on all panel joints
7- Installation of new seals on the skimmer, water return and drain fittings
8- Installation of the new liner
9- Installation of a vacuum underneath the liner to remove air and precisely place the liner
10- Filling of the pool up to the level indicated by our technician

The day after the installation:

11- Removal of the vacuum
12- Installation of the PVC faceplates for the skimmer, water return and bottom drain, we cut the liner in these areas.
13- Installation of existing lights
14- Installation of the liner wedge lock (if required)
15- You finish filling the pool and go for a swim !!!