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We offer a wide selection of pools and high-quality accessories

The Alpha pool is the best on the market. It carries a lifetime warranty.

Available in all shapes and sizes, this pool is sure to please.

Our pool covers can hold a person’s weight or snow.

We can identify any holes or cracks without having to drain your pool

  • Ppump
  • Skimmer
  • Water return
  • In-ground pool liner

Keep your pool water crystal clear by changing the filter sand every five years.

Our devices locate leaks in your underground pipes.

  • Sealed joints and motor bearings
  • Filter change

Obtain a modern in-ground pool to today’s taste.

Say goodbye to your tired canvas.

This modern-looking sidewalk looks like interlocking paving stones, but at lower cost.

Give an uncluttered look to your pool by replacing the traditional border with a cement bull nose.

Rejuvenate your yard with an attractive sidewalk.

The Raypak titanium water heat pump has a very high performance coefficient thereby heating your pool water quickly.

  • Silensor pool-heating pump
  • Variable-speed programmable pump
  • Salt system
  • Ozone system
  • Fibreglass
  • Canvas-covered steel

  • Protects your pool liner from the sun’s harmful rays.
  • Prevents debris from damaging the liner or other accessories.
  • Opening: our products quickly clear up your pool water.
  • Closing: our high-performance blowers completely empty all pool pipes.

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